Earth Day: Education in Social VR

AltspaceVR VR education social media

Social VR as educational engagement

The Altspace Eco-Information Hub is a mobile VR-friendly world which introduces sustainability-related educational content to younger Altspace audiences and educators in a fun and easily understandable way by guiding them through individually discoverable themes in physical space.

The project was a remote collaboration with Jorgen Nelson from Wild Valley Studios in Oregon, initiated as part of the Earth Day 2019 events.

AltspaceVR environmental education photogrammetry cob house

We chose AltspaceVR, a social VR platform, to host the environment, mainly due to its supportive community and the "footfall" from younger audiences as well as educators and fellow creators.

Since being launched in April 2019, the world has attracted 500 visitors and helped to establish a community of world builders actively creating educational content.

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